Tempa & Naor At Warehouse '23

Warehouse '23, 100 Columbia St, Vancouver, WA 98660

Dancing & Romancing on the River

Yellow Roses & Butterflies

Your invited to a very special night featuring the beautiful music of Julie Amici. Julie will be singing songs from her Patsy Cline tribute show along with wide variety of swing, blues, and originals from their upcoming release.

Opening the show Tempa & Naor Project with music from the new release Ember's Fire

This will be a smaller, more up-close and personal night at Warehouse 23 in the old Redlion Quay room, where we all spent so many fun night dancing on the river.

I am very excited about this show. Julie Amici and Dean Mueller are such a amazing local talent. I have been enjoying them for years and the list of awards they have won is continuing to grow.

Tempa and Naor a award winning couple from Maui performing their own music. Their new release Ember's Fire is already starting to make some of the charts.

We will also have a free photo booth set up for some fun special memories.

Tickets will be limited to only 250 for this event 10.00 on TicketTomato

$12.00 at the door