Naor Nave's Bio

My name is Naor Nave..   
I was born and raised in Israel and grew up in Kibbutz "Ein Harud Ehud". Since I was 12, I knew that I wanted to create music. I didn't know how and what that meant, I just knew that the fire was too strong to contain!  
With great support and encouragement from my amazing family I started this beautiful and emotional journey.    
I love to create more then anything, and I want to share with you what I have done so far.  I will be releasing lots of music very soon! Some things on my site will be pro recordings, and some, to just share the creative process.  
My wife Tempa and I write a lot together, and I will be sharing our music on the Tempa & Naor Music page. There is a lot to discover about Tempa, so check out her website and dive into an ocean of soul and groove! 
Soul Kitchen is my Maui jam! we play Soul, Cajun, Funk, Zydeco and Blues, 
and we have fantastic musicians, you can visit our website to learn more.    
If you want to contact me regarding collaboration or using my music, 
please send me a message.   
Music Love,