Ember’s Fire’ is not only a showcase in song-writing it’s a lesson in production as well. The sound Tempa and Naor have achieved on the album allows the music to truly shine. The detailed and clean production gives the chance all tiny details the needed space to fully blossom and never feels sterile or soulless. On the contrary, ‘Ember’s Fire’ is one of the most sincerely written and authentically captured releases we’ve heard from our Drooble community so far.  We honestly can’t recommend it enough.”

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Oh boy. #fullboxofKleenex #joyfultearjerker = new album from Tempa & Naor Project … Ember’s Fire. Highly recommended if you like: Nancy Griffith, Roseanne Cash, Brandi Carlile”

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The latest notable discovery, the husband and wife team of Tempa & Naor, just released the marvelous “Ember’s Fire”. With “Ember’s Fire,” this duo has crafted a powerful, compelling, all-original work touching on themes of transformation, love, loss and release, in a style they call “medicinal musical mojo.””

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